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Wow! Where has the year gone! It has been an exciting and humbling year as the 2018 Minnesota State Champion Auctioneer. What an honor it has been serving as the Ambassador for Minnesota this year, representing the state of Minnesota at the International Auctioneers Championship in Jacksonville, Florida, and to continue to promote our great industry. At our mid-year get together in St. Cloud, there was great camaraderie as well as discussion about bonding issues for the auctioneers of Minnesota. If you haven’t been able to attend the mid-year get together in the past, I highly recommend making plans to attend in the future. There are activities for all to enjoy as well as keeping up to date on current issues & discussions.

The MSAA Conference is vast approaching and I strongly encourage everyone to attend! Conference is always a great way to get refreshed through all the classes as well as the networking. At the Conference, you will learn more about the current issues facing our industry and what we are doing as an association to stay on top of them. Along with the classes and the networking is the auctioneer contest. I would like to challenge everyone, veteran auctioneer or otherwise to step up to the stage and compete. I believe it pushes all of us to the best of our abilities when we are going up against our peers. This not only makes us stronger as individuals but stronger as an organization. It is always an honor to share the stage with friends made along the way through the great state associations and the National Auctioneers Association. One take away from winning the contest that hit home for me is working with the children at the kid’s auction on Friday night. The raw/natural passion that the children show for our industry warms my heart and reassures me that our association and our industry are in great hands!

A special thank you to Dave Thompson (my wingman & fellow Champion) and the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association for opening the doors and inviting others to participate in the contest as well as the conference. Also, thank you to the Imholte family, Austin Bachmann, & Sara Fahey for being my trusted advisors throughout this journey! I knew several of the Minnesota auctioneers through the National Auctioneers Association and being a contract hire auctioneer but feel that through this experience I have met many more and built lifelong relationships/friendships. One of the many reasons I chose to attend the Minnesota Auctioneers Conference and Contest was to better myself by being able to glean knowledge from so many great Minnesota auctioneers, as to sharpen the tools in my toolbox. I will say that attending, competing, and through this entire year I was able to achieve that.

I am excited for another year in the Minnesota Auctioneers Association and I look forward to a great Conference! See you soon and thank you again for a great year and your friendships!

David Whitaker

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