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Ringman’s Contest

Ringman’s Contest Results

Champion: Glenn Trautman II
Reserve Champion: Jennifer Queen
Runner Up: Michael Imholte
4th Place: Logan Veo


It is a humbling experience to be selected as the 2022 Champion Ringman. The field of contestants in Rochester was top notch. I would like to give a sincere Thank You to the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association and its members for supporting the Ringman’s Contest and asserting that a Professional Ringman is a vital asset to the Auction Method of Marketing.

I am a first generation Auctioneer, so I didn’t grow up in the auction industry per se. I am however, a second generation Ringman. I grew up hearing the stories from my dad and uncles talking about “the good old days” working the local livestock sale barns in the late 1960’s and 1970’s as well as some of the farm and estate sales of the same period. Like many auctioneers, my first experience in the business was not behind a microphone. It was holding up items on a
flat rack and watching for bidders.

I have learned there is much more to being a good Ringman than one might initially suspect. A good Ringman is alert and focused; attentive to details. They need to be outgoing and able to multitask. They use subtle cues to communicate with their auctioneer and each other, and each auctioneer has their own cues they like to use. They are able to adapt and seem to be prepared for many possible situations. These are all skills I have learned from working with members of
the MSAA, and competing in this contest has given me the opportunity to hone these skills even further.

Thank You MSAA for supporting the Ringman’s Contest and providing a platform to showcase our talents. I look forward to hosting the 2023 Ringman’s Contest at Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center in Alexandria in January.

2022 Minnesota State Champion Ringman

Past Champions

Tony Wisely


Bret Walters


Jim Connolly


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