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MSAA State of the Association Members, The State of our Association is strong. The 2022 Conference and Show was a momentous occasion which will be written into the history of our association. President Judd Grafe was exactly the leader for this critical and key time and I am incredibly grateful for the significant contributions he made to create the greatest show. Judd’s service, financial, and leadership contributions set a standard of excellence of which our association could not be more proud. Through his example, members of the MSAA have come to the table to invest in our future in ways we have never seen before. Over the last 13 years, our foundation has picked up steam one year at a time and one gift at a time, slowly churning as the opportunity to serve our membership has been developed and discovered. The tremendous gifts of many place us in a position as a marquee state association unmatched by others across the country. We, as an association, are Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers – living out our vision statement as leaders in the auction community and auction method of marketing. Our foundation provided unparalleled education at our Conference and Show, setting our members apart from others. As we look ahead, the board of directors will look to continue this legacy and build upon our success recognizing there could be some economic turbulence on the horizon. Shifts in economic winds create opportunity for the agile businessperson and auction professional. Certainly buyer’s power will be impacted with rising costs as the dollar doesn’t hold the same value as it did in 2021. We must not allow this to change the course we are set on as an association. Instead, let’s prepare to grow and meet this challenge this year in our businesses and in our association. The board of directors is continuing to operate in an effective and efficient manner with monthly virtual optional board meetings to check-in and keep up with all that is happening in our organization from each​

Isaac Schultz, MSAA 2022 President

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The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is an organization of auctioneers and auction professionals. With the support of its membership, the association works to promote the auction profession.