From Your President

Dear Members,

I am honored and humbled to accept the position of 2021 MSAA President. Thank you for your trust and support as we look forward to an exciting year. As we continue to monitor the ever changing restrictions in response to the Covid pandemic, we will work to provide events that are educational, fun, and in compliance with current state mandates.

I want to thank Tammy Tisland for being such an inspirational leader during 2020. I couldn’t imagine a person better suited to have led the MSAA through such a challenging year. Her compassion and ability to adjust to the constant stream of new mandates was simply amazing. Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Conference and Show, I look forward to incorporating many of Tammy’s ideas and speakers into our 2021 Conference and Show next January.

I would also like to thank our outgoing directors, Erika Ediger-Connolly, Jim Connolly, and Isaac Schultz for their service as board members from 2017-2020. Thank you for your contributions, wise counsel, and patient advice as we navigated a number of challenging decisions. As you look back on your time with us, please know that our achievements would not have been possible without your assistance and leadership.

A special thanks to everyone who ran for a position to serve as an MSAA Director or Vice President. Having members willing to donate time and energy to assist in leading the MSAA is the life blood of our great organization.  For those who were not elected this year, I will look forward to having you run next year, as your leadership and willingness to serve are attributes we will continue to need.

The MSAA has elected Issaac Schultz, as Vice President for 2021. Congratulations, Isaac. I am excited to work with you and know your strengths as an organized and compassionate leader are a perfect fit to lead the MSAA into the future.

The newly elected members of the MSAA Board Directors (2021-2024):
Jim Connolly
Doug Kerkhoff
Gloria Stumpf
Congratulations, Gloria, Doug and  Jim.
It will be my honor to work with you this year and the MSAA Board and I look forward to your assistance and leadership as we hit the ground running with our first board meeting the 2nd week in March.

The proposed by-law change allowing the use of electronic notification at members request was mailed to 274 members for a vote. The MSAA received 146 yes votes, 6 no votes and 4 blank ballots and 118 abstained from voting. An affirmative vote of 2/3rds of the ballots were needed to pass the amendment. Two thirds were not received causing the amendment to fail. A notification will be mailed to members this month announcing the proposed amendment to be placed on the agenda for the MSAA spring board meeting. The amendment will be brought forth  for consideration and adoption by the board at this meeting. A MSAA board quorum was present for the ballot counting and a motion was passed to have Frank Imholte destroy the ballots.

Owning and operating a small business is something that many of us have in common.  A priority for me this year will be assisting small businesses, educating members on ways to service the small business industry and promoting the auction method as a tool for small businesses to survive and thrive during these challenging times.

To that end, I am excited to announce this year’s Summer Picnic and Bi-annual meeting will be held at Canterbury Park. The day will include back-lot tours, speakers, entertainment, a BBQ at the starting gate, the annual meeting, and horse racing. Most event centers are being scrutinized by state compliance officers, so please be sure to sign up 2 weeks in advance. See more information about the Summer Picnic under Upcoming Events.

Thank you again for this opportunity to serve the MSAA. I am available at any time if you have any questions or concerns, call/text at (507) 254-1184.

Stay safe and be well,
Judd Grafe, MSAA 2021 President