Welcome to the Minnesota State Auctioneers Association

Elections –held during the Bi-Annual Meeting on January, 18, 2020 in St Cloud, MN


A Call to Action – Your Action

As you decide whether a board position is right for you, consider the following benefits serving on the MSAA Board of Directors will give you. Don’t be concerned if you feel you haven’t put in enough time as a member; we value your talents whether you are new or a long-time member!

  1. Expand Your Network

    Most people who are on boards get there because they enjoy networking.  When you serve on a board with leaders who are passionate about making new connections, you will be able to expand your existing community of friends and other auction pro’s that are just as passionate as you about our industry, adding people with different backgrounds and insights.  These new connections can be an asset for the rest of your career.

  2. Grow Your Personal Brand

    Outside of optimizing your Social Media profiles, joining the board is the best thing you can do to boost your executive brand, business leadership brand, or even your community leadership brand.  The additional exposure will have a positive impact on your visibility.

  3. Work with Initiatives That Resonate with You

    Many people have joined the MSAA Board as a way to give back.  Joining the Board is an excellent opportunity to positively affect change or give support to the Mission and Vision. Whether you are helping to hone the focus we are currently working on or are supporting one that is just beginning, you will be able to work toward something that aligns with your passions. Serving on the Board can be a uniquely rewarding experience.

  4. Intellectual Challenge

    For leaders who are always curious to learn more things, board duties will provide a rewarding challenge.  You will develop a deeper understanding of the range of topics, operational roles, and become well-versed on the pulse of what is affecting our MSAA in order to make informed contributions.

  5. Makes You Better at Your Current Auction Pro Career

    As a Board Director, you will gain insight into different business structures, as the other Board Members will also be from various auction backgrounds that may be different than yours.  The deviation from your norm will teach you new ways of operating and how different organizations approach situations. Simply listening to others in the meetings will provide you information on ways to approach problems and find new solutions.  Those takeaways will not only help you during your time on the Board but as you continue in your career.

Join The MSAA

The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is an organization of auctioneers and auction professionals. With the support of its membership, the association works to promote the auction profession.