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2014 MSAA Champion Auctioneer

This year’s MSAA Champion Bid-Calling Contest was hosted by the 2013 MSAA Champion Auctioneer, Andrew Bachmann, and featured some very excellent competitors. In the first round of the competition, each auctioneer sold three items and were scored by a panel of five judges. At this point in the evening, the judges took a break while three specialized judges came up to judge our very large rookie auctioneer competition. Following the rookies, the top five competitors from the earlier contest were announced. At this point the interview portion began. After answering three questions pertaining to the auction industry, each finalist then sold three more items. After all the dust settled, John Kuchera of Wyndmere, ND was awarded the prize of 2014 MSAA Champion Auctioneer. For the next year he will serve as the Good Will Ambassador for the auction industry in Minnesota and will be sponsored in the IAC this summer at the NAA conference in Spokane, WA. The rookie contest winner was also announced and Paul Kruger of Wabasha, MN took home this honor.

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The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is an organization of auctioneers and auction professionals. With the support of its membership, the association works to promote the auction profession.