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Wow! Where has the year gone! It has been an exciting and humbling year as the 2018 Minnesota State Champion Auctioneer. What an honor it has been serving as the Ambassador for Minnesota this year, representing the state of Minnesota at the International Auctioneers Championship in Jacksonville, Florida, and to continue to promote our great industry. At our mid-year get together in St. Cloud, there was great camaraderie as well as discussion about bonding issues for the auctioneers of Minnesota. If you haven’t been able to attend the mid-year get together in the past, I highly recommend making plans to attend in the future. There are activities for all to enjoy as well as keeping up to date on current issues & discussions.

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The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is an organization of auctioneers and auction professionals. With the support of its membership, the association works to promote the auction profession.