MSAA Benefits

The Minnesota State Auctioneers Association is an organization of licensed auctioneers. With the support of its membership, the association works to promote the auction profession. Any auctioneer with a current license is welcome to join. New applicants become members by submitting a completed membership form with proper payment. Membership is from January 1 to December 31. Members who join after October 1 will receive membership for the remainder of the current year and the entire following year.

Membership within the association has many benefits. Some of the highlights include:

The Annual Conference and Show
The Conference and Show is held each January at a location picked by the President of the association. This three day event features over a dozen educational seminars, the Minnesota Champion Auctioneer contest, the marketing contest, a large trade show and several other social activities intended to encourage networking opportunities among the membership.

The Summer Picnic
In the summer of each year the association hosts a one day “summer picnic” which includes two educational seminars, a noon picnic lunch and generally a networking opportunity in the afternoon.

The Auctioneer
Published two times a year, the Auctioneer is the official magazine of the association and feature informative, educational articles which assist in keeping the membership abreast of developing trends within the industry as well as association news and activities.

Marketing Contest
This annual contest is a showcase event of the annual Conference and Show. This event showcases the creative efforts of member auctioneers. The contest currently has over two dozen categories in which first and second place are awarded. Included in the contest is the Best of Show which is awarded annually to the best marketing idea or promotional piece of the year.

Minnesota Champion Auctioneer Contest
The contest is the showcase public event held each year at the annual Conference and Show. The contest consists of two divisions – Champion and Rookie. The Champion Auctioneer is determined through a preliminary round of selling three items and a final round of selling three items and answering three interview questions. This winner of this contest represents the industry throughout the coming year and joins a very select group of men and women in Minnesota who hold the title of Minnesota State Champion Auctioneer and are enshrined in the Hall of Champions.

Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame was created in 1987 to honor individuals who have demonstrated honesty, high ethical standards, a willingness to share with others, a high standing in his or her community and the Minnesota State Auctioneers, and made significant contributions to the auction profession. This select group of individuals is honored each year at the President’s Banquet held during the annual Conference and Show. New inductees are selected by current Hall of Fame members and enshrined in the Hall of Fame during a special presentation held at the President’s Banquet at the annual Conference and Show.

The association is represented at the Capital in St. Paul by a lobbyist that protects the interests of the membership. Through the lobbyist, the association is able to influence and affect legislation and regulation of the auction industry in Minnesota.