President’s Message

I would like to thank those who were able to attend MSAA Conference and Show. It was
wonderful to see all of you, and we missed those who were not able to attend.

For those who don’t know me, I am from the Ukraine and married to Matthew Schultz. Little did I know that when you marry an auctioneer, you marry the industry. I have come to enjoy the business; helping Mike and Jen Schultz became a fun opportunity. And now I’ve become the president of the MSAA Auxiliary.

I would like to thank Beth Thompson for her outstanding leadership during the past two years as President of the Auxiliary. The other women on our team include:
Vice President: Deb Ediger
Sec./Tres: Natalie Hanson
Director: Holly Hotovec
Scholarship: LuAnn Finnila, Anita Aasness, and Beth Thompson

The Conference and Show was amazing with lots of new educational opportunities and great fellowship. The fun auction is a great way to provide for the Association, Auxiliary, and the scholarships. The Auxiliary held some events such as yoga and painting (the ladies did outstanding work on painting a sunset scenery). And if you guys want to do it again next year, let me know.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the summer picnic at Imholte’s farm in St. Cloud
on July 29, 2018. The Auxiliary will hold their bi-annual meeting and I hope to get ideas for some fun activities and maybe an outing if I get enough people to sign up.

See you all at the summer picnic!

Vitalia Schultz, President, MSAA Auxiliary

Auxiliary Past Presidents

2016 & 2017 – Beth Thompson
2014 & 2015 – Sara Fahey
2012 & 2013 – Conny Rime
2010 & 2011 – Peggy Imholte
2008 & 2009 – Alice Goelz
2006 & 2007 – Holly Hotovec
2005 – Rosi Przybilla
2004 – Karla Mikkelson
2003 – Tonya Witte
2002 – Beth Green
2001 – Jan Houghton
2000 – Eileen Reisch
1999 – Sandy McLaughlin
1998 – Deb Ediger
1996 & 1997 – Eileen Roehlke

1995 – Peg Imholte
1993 & 1994 – Joani Mangold
1992 – Carol Dicke
1991 – Eileen Reisch
1990 – Peg Imholte
1989 – Deb Ediger
1987 – Sharon Harberts
1986 – Emily Burt
1985 – Jan Svensgaard
1984 – Joyce Mulder
1983 – Deb Ediger
1982 – Linda Fahey
1981 – Georgia Ediger
1980 – Char Benoit