President’s Message

First and foremost I would like to apologize that we were not able to attend the Conference and
Show this year. Thank you to these amazing ladies; Deb Ediger, MaryCarol Wolf, Beth Thompson
and all the others who helped out in my absence. As most of you know, my husband Matt and I were
blessed with a wonderful son, Isaiah John. Unfortunately, he got really sick with RSV and
pneumonia which made us miss the annual gathering of our auction family.

The Conference and Show was a great success once again. Congrats to Past President Austin Bachmann. The Auctioneer Championship kicked things off on Thursday night. Congrats to all the finalist and our New Champion, Scott Mihalic. Friday night once again featured the kids auction, the classic auctioneer, and the ring person contest. Congrats to Pat Ediger on being chosen the Classic Auctioneer and Bret Walters as the Ring Person. Thank you to all those who supported the Auxiliary Scholarship fund during the Fun Auction.

On Saturday, our scholarship winners were announced; MSAA & Auxiliary Scholarship was awarded to Calli McCartan and the Rick Berens Scholarship was awarded to Logan Veo. Please remind your students to apply on time if they would like to be considered for a scholarship. If you or someone you who are looking for a scholarship for auction related schooling, be sure to get an application filled out for the Rick Berens Scholarship and have it turned in on time.

A huge surprise was presented for our very own Sara Fahey when she was inducted into the MSAA Auxiliary Hall of Fame. Although we were not able to be there in person we were able to watch it live streamed from right over her shoulder. Congrats to the MSAA Hall of Fame inductees LeAnn Vande Kamp and Bill Harguth. Congrats to this year’s Golden Gavel recipients, Connie and Kurt Johnson.

Our Auxiliary Officers are as follows for 2019:
New Vice President: MaryCarol Wolf
Secretary /Treasurer: Natalie Hanson,
Board Members: Holly Hotovec and Conny Rime
Scholarship: Jessica Imholte (Scholarship Liaison), Beth Thompson, Anita Aasness, and Luann Finnila
MSAA Liaison: Beth Thompson

The summer picnic will be held July 28th at Todd Park in Austin MN.
We are looking forward to getting together again! It’s always great to see our wonderful auction
family! We hope to see you all at there. We’d love to have the opportunity to catch
up, have fun and of course laugh a little!

Vitalia Schultz
President, MSAA Auxiliary

Auxiliary Past Presidents

2016 & 2017 – Beth Thompson
2014 & 2015 – Sara Fahey
2012 & 2013 – Conny Rime
2010 & 2011 – Peggy Imholte
2008 & 2009 – Alice Goelz
2006 & 2007 – Holly Hotovec
2005 – Rosi Przybilla
2004 – Karla Mikkelson
2003 – Tonya Witte
2002 – Beth Green
2001 – Jan Houghton
2000 – Eileen Reisch
1999 – Sandy McLaughlin
1998 – Deb Ediger
1996 & 1997 – Eileen Roehlke

1995 – Peg Imholte
1993 & 1994 – Joani Mangold
1992 – Carol Dicke
1991 – Eileen Reisch
1990 – Peg Imholte
1989 – Deb Ediger
1987 – Sharon Harberts
1986 – Emily Burt
1985 – Jan Svensgaard
1984 – Joyce Mulder
1983 – Deb Ediger
1982 – Linda Fahey
1981 – Georgia Ediger
1980 – Char Benoit